• first time build takes a long time (you can fix your home to use the same LTS)

  • nix integration works but only for system dependencies

  • haskell nixpkgs is not re-used


There is no advantage to use cabal (unless you are a library author).

Compare to stack:

  • no integration with the known good package set given by Stackage.

  • building the first time takes as much time

  • the nix integration is worse (doesn’t find system library out of the box)

  • tool integration is usually worse

  • haskell nixpkgs is not re-used

  • eternal confusion with cabal build, cabal new-build, …​


Bazel is not a good fit for small Haskell application. It is only useful for bigger polyglot libraries. The learning curve is quite steep and it is not always working out of the box as you would expect.


Easy to setup. Works nicely.