v19.09, 22/10/2019

  • This release incorporates the home-manager. Many configurations has been moved to it: you should expect major changes from this release.

  • The box.dhall configuration file has changed drastically ! It now sits at the root of the SHARED_DIR.

  • Vagrant has been removed (use UpdateUser to activate configuration changes)

  • The shell.dhall configuration file is gone.

  • You can now start without any configuration at all.

The sole requirement is to defined on your host a SHARED_DIR in C:\Users\virtualbox\devbox-19.09

  • The user configuration is now the main configuration point

    (system configuration is reserved for more advanced usage such as middleware configuration).

  • The user configuration is now driven by home-manager.

  • All configurations have been merged into a single dotfiles repository.

  • Upgrade NixOS to 19.09.

  • Add lorri.

  • Add customization for the Albert launcher hotkey in box.dhall.

  • Support VirtualBox 6.0 by default.

  • Eclipse has been upgraded to 2019-06. It is not installed by default (see eclipse key in box.dhall to enable it).

  • The devbox is using 2 source repositories (devbox and dotfiles). Both have been moved to our internal Bitbucket.

  • To get the devbox, you need to download its ova file which is hosted by Artifactory.

  • Add support for OpenShift.

v19.03, 17/04/2019

  • The new config/box.dhall comes with quite a lot of changes. It is probably more convenient to fetch it with curl again and apply back your customization.

  • Upgrade NixOS to 19.03.

  • Update Eclipse to 2018-12.

  • Upgrade versioning scheme to match the underline OS.

  • Add support for vmware workstation (without vagrant).

  • Add updateSystem/updateUser to synchronize customization directly from the devbox.

  • Move mr repository on bitbucket.